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I have a passion for the holistic approach to health.


Holistic dentists believe dentistry has a significant role to play in overall health in that toxins such as mercury and nickel may interfere with overall well-being.

Please see for more information on toxins such as Mercury.

Infected  teeth, gum disease and jaw cavitations may also set up inflammation and infection in the body.

As a homeopath (LCPH) I am very experienced in dealing with dis-ease and I love to help my patients to get well.

I'm also qualified in Bowen therapy - as such I'm in a good position to help you with detoxifying.

I like to incorporate homeopathy, nutritional and emotional support into my patients journey.

I qualified in Cardiff as a dentist in 1992 , so I'm pretty experienced ! 


I am widowed but completely blessed with a beautiful family 3 children with 1 dogs and 1 cat - so I'm a busy but happy man !

I have a great sense of humor and  also definitely like to tell an awful Dad joke or two !!!... 

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