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 SMART Safe amalgam removal


'I am loving being mercury free, you are a superstar' Sophie Knock Homeopath.

''Thank you again for such good treatment and thank you to your assistant, she was lovely to be around too! And now...I can "go to the dentist" and feel confident and not scared about it!! And even...have a laugh!!!


 I didn't feel any pain at all during it and I was so worried about that as every dentist I had been to in the past had been painful at some stage. I can't believe it was that painless really''


All the best


1 I use clean-up tips (sold by and rubber dam wherever possible


2 I use a  very powerful air filter (IQ air dental-vax) 


which is placed close to the patients mouth and removes mercury vapour from the patient.



3 The fillings are carefully cut into chunks to minimise mercury release from the fillings...the teeth are carefully checked to ensure all amalgam has been removed ...xrays may be taken if deemed necessary


4 Patients have an independent air supply and wear protective drapings


5 The fillings are replaced with a new biocompatible white filling made from ceramic (admira fusion)

which the manufacturers claim to be inert so highly biocompatible. Alternatively ceramic inlays may be used although these are more expensive.

















6 Homeopathics if you would like, may be used to reduce post-op pain and  to increase your comfort during the procedure

7 Biodentine  is used if the fillings are deep,  this excellent product can reduce the post-op pain and sensitivity and can help inflamed nerves heal thereby avoiding root canal treatment 









8 Charcoal is used to line the mouth during amalgam removal

Patients need to come for an examination first and then a treatment plan is drawn up and an estimate of costs given.


Patients should contact their dentists to obtain any recent xrays.


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