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I like to combine bioenergetic medicine in the form of nutritional supplements, homeopathy, herbs and flower remedies etc to give a more holistic approach to resolving health issues.

I've long had a fascination with 'alternative medicine' beginning with my hayfever instantly going following taking a homeopathic remedy. I have studied tai chi, chi kung etc for decades and this has seeded the search for better ways to help the body heal.

My lovely labrador puppy had the mange and was in a sorry state, fortunately my neighbour suggested homeopathy and within a few days my 'best friend' was restored to full health. Subsequently my son developed a terrible cough which antibiotics didn't touch - he coughed so much that he vomited every night for weeks. One - just one ! -homeopathic remedy fixed this.

Some years later I took the plunge and enrolled with the college of practical homeopathy. I finally completed my studies and now I thoroughly enjoy and LOVE helping people using this apparently miraculous therapy.




It's interesting that the Royal family use homeopathy as do many stars including Usain Bolt, David Beckham, Helena Bonham-Carter and Paul McCartney.

Today's World is a little bit crazy and even if you eat well and look after yourself, our bodies are placed under untold pressure due to many factors; emotional and physical, with so many toxins which weren't around a few decades ago. Holistic homeopathy can help !

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